Thursday, 28 June 2012

You would love this piece!!!

‘Life Ho to Aisi’’

By Virender Kapoor

It was like any other good day and he was feeling very satisfied and happy. He had finished his usual breakfast of eggs and soft breads and was sitting on his favourite cushioned seat which was always reserved for him. Out of the window he could see the morning hustle and bustle of the town- people rushing for work. What a dog’s life these guys lead, he thought. Thank God he was so lucky that he didn’t have to do all this for his comfortable living.
       Kids had left for the school by now and the elder’s were both out for work. Thinking of the kids, what a storm they create in the morning for their mother. Poor lady had to give them a bath, cook their breakfast and pack their lunch before she could attend to her own affairs. And there was always an argument on something or the other between husband and wife. He could never figure out what was all the fight about. Over the last twelve years he had been observing everything without saying a word. Oh not again, Nair’s our neighbors had started a fight as usual, shouting on top of their voice. Once they go away for work, peace would return. It would be Sharda Bai, the maid servant who would be the only one left to get the house in order. Sun was nice and bright and he was ready to move out to the garden. This was his favourite place, next to the nature he thought as he stretched himself moving out of his chair. Birds, butterflies and squirrels were his best friends.
He would spend a good time of the day in the garden, which was so meticulously maintained by the mali. He made the best of it. Having taken in a lot of oxygen which did good to his appetite, he would be ready for lunch. Sharda Bai always cooked something special for him and would always give him company for lunch. She was very affectionate and caring, God bless her. A good siesta after lunch and then the brats would be back. By now he was missing them. Sometimes they made a lot of noise, watched TV and listened to loud music which he never liked. Whatever it was, they were after all a part of my family, he thought. They loved him and he loved them so much. Life was so beautiful, it couldn’t have been better.
The door bell rang, oh it must be the brats back from school. “Fluffy, where are you?”, they shouted. He got up and ran towards the door wagging his tail in excitement-as usual, a thoroughbred Labrador.

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