Monday, 23 July 2012

It is a hard fact that people born in 50's and 60's were very attached to gifts what were given to them by parents or friends. For example a guy will preserve a wrist watch presented to him by his dad when he was just fourteen till the time he retired. He may not wear it all along but would keep it in his cupboard safely and would never throw it away as an old piece of junk.He would always relate it to the fond memories of his father.
People were very attached to their old cars, paintings and even plants or trees in the house.Old homes were not sold for profits as there were old memories attached to these homes. It was just not another property to dispose of and make money. It valued more than money.

This also reflected in relations with friends and girlfriends. Relations were for keeps. They were life long friendships, emotional bonding and it would hurt when it broke for any reason. People made efforts to keep relations going.
Today we are in the materialistic age where " Change is the in thing" we are prepared to throw away old things or even gifts as old junk. We don't value their value.May be same thing is trickling into human relations.. " Till the death dos us apart.." is " Till a divorce does us apart.."
There fore the old generation was ' attached' to things and people. Buddha's teaching says " remain unattached or detached from every worldly thing for happiness. Attachment is the basic cause of unhappiness".
If Gen Next is not attached then are they moving towards Happiness. That is the question we need to answer.

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