Friday, 20 July 2012

                                                     Rise of Rajesh Khanna...
It was an interesting and an emotional coverage anchored by Times now channels Editor in Chief Arnab Goswamy where Mahesh Bhatt and Prem Chopra spoke about rajesh Khanna.
He asked a very pertinent Question " How rajesh Khanna managed to reach such heights?" The two gentlemen gave credit to his abilities- which no one could deny. But can talent alone get you to that super stardom?
I feel there is lot more to explain the phenomenon of success in a profession where there are so many intangibles working against and for you.
I feel you need to get lot many things right at the same time to hit spectacular success.It is like opening of all seven doors together- i a row and you taking a rifle shot which goes thru and hits the target.

In case of Rajesh Khanna, there were a few things which all worked together for him.
First of all he had Directors like Hrishikesh mukherjee and very strong story lines. More over, most movies had a sad ending generating sympathy and we iIndians are very emotional.
You need to take account of Songs- the soul of Indian cinema.I think there was a brillian composition backed by simple appealing lyrics. And to top it all the golden voice of Kishor Kumar- which had a touch of sophistication in it. You cannot discount this at all. Even todya those songs give you goose bumps- not only to the old but appeal to the young teens of today.His voice suited Rajesh Khanna like a tee.

!970 was the year which was 20 years plus into our freedom. The nation had come to terms with itself- people wanted to move along- there was no hatred or anger.Love was as if in the air. it was the end of the decade where the angry youth rebelled- and the angry man emerged.
That is how destinies are made. right time, right people and the right place...

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