Monday, 13 August 2012

Dare to Bare

It was good to see a debate on one of the channels regarding women being targeted and linking it to the kind of dresses/ revealing clothes women wear,should not wear or why not wear and who are you to tell us what to wear..... bla bla blah blahh blahhhh.

Pooja Bedi the champion of this cause was properly dressed for the occasion - no offence meant- was all in form to bash every other guy/ girl on the panel and the audience left right and centre to prove ' Its my way or its highway'.
 Why should girls dress up in a particular way or so called decent way was the major bone of contention. We are a liberated lot, why should some one tell us how much to wear, wear or not to wear was the chorus..
We are a modern society, cant we dress up in scanty clothes and feel safe? very good question..Even if I wear low oh very low oh very very low jeans ... you look the other side you dumb rascal, arn't you from a civilized society..?Dont you have a mother or a sister at home.... but maam the dumb bastard replies... my mother doesn't wear such jeans!

The state and the law and order machinery was in the firing line and the question was.. " What ever we wear, isn't the state responsible to protect us?"..very good question but a little silly too.

Why should a girl feel unsafe walking alone  in the dark at 2 in the night ? Cant state protect her? Is this not the responsibility of the state? Ms Bedi shouts!!

Yes yes yes is the chorus. Very intelligent question but very silly. I will tell u how some one says...from the audience. Guys and gals from civil rights and women protective organisations shout ..." down with this government down with this Male chauvenist society!! We are now advanced and a modern society,,, down with these pigs who want to look at you, your silky legs and 

The basic questions that come to any innocent mind are " Why women like to wear less clothes? If they are revealing then whom are they revealing for? I am sure when you reveal you want some one to see you and  notice you. Otherwise whats the point.
If you are exposing your legs then sure you are not expecting a cat on the street to watch you or crow sitting on a tree watching you wearing a revealing are doing this to attract attention of some one some where, otherwise why on a cold evening , you wear almost nothing at the cost of falling sick!! If you are not doing this to 'show' and doing this for your happiness alone.. you could have done that by wearing all this and staying at home, all day admiring yourself in the mirror.

SO whats the funda??
Ms Bedi says " Oh you mean to say we should not wear expensive jewellery and go out in the evening? And the government should not be responsible for our sfety and our jewellery.. how silly.....Hai Hai Hai hai...What a silly point- not from cricket you dumb- from real life Gurgaon.

By That token Ms Bedi you should not lock the front door of your house! The state is to protect you.! Why do you keep all your expensive stuff and jewels and cash in the locker.. keep it at home and state should protect it.

One girl in the audience asks... >" Kya Ashleel Kapde pahenna hi Modernism or progress Hai? Is wearing scanty clothes a criterion for being progressive"......
Very quickly the camera moves from this petite girl and shows the lamenting women... Hai hai.... hai hai..

camera bhi Sharma Gaya,....

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