Friday, 17 August 2012

Now we Love Cats....

We all love dogs and can be called " true dog lovers".. Dogs are so friendly so loving, so very loyal and add that love factor to any home.
We hated cats as they are CATS! Really could never understand why we never liked cats.
Possible reasons... The don't look love creatures... they have scary eyes? may be one does not feel comfortable holding them or petting them. They don't sit in your lap.They look creepy.. give you the  creeps.. not friendly at all..
I dont like making them sit next to me... they dont have innocent look... and so on.

One day all this changed. While sitting in our garden i saw a small little grey and white creature coming out of no where and just walked around us. " Hey what is this?" looks like a squirrel... thick bushy tail! As i called her she jumped and sat in my lap. Absolute beauty... innocent face .... big whiskers .. lovely coat and innocent eyes.... love oozing out.

And that was love at first sight. And then on wards this cat was here to stay. We named her " Frisky" as she was always moving around when not in the lap. She had no problems sitting with us on our bed and no one even once wanted her out.She would sit for hours together, cuddled up and sleeping in your lap.
Frisky responds like a dog.responds to her name..
We wanted to be safe and wanted her to be safe... so took to a vet for innoculation.... imagine the vet fell in love with frisky..
As he gave her a shot we thought friskey would make some noise.... no... she was so sweet... never uttered a word.. oops a shriek.
As the doc lifted her to examine... he said " He is a boy"  ,... you need not worry about his freedom..
Thank god for small mercies..
Frisky is with us.

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