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Going through the pages of  my  book  Heart Over matter your mantra for success, you would have realized as to how very complex we human beings are. Our behavior, basic characteristics and our abilities to deal with the world and our environment differ from person to person. These abilities and temperament for each of us is very complex. That is why we also call this complex human behavior as an individual’s nature. This implies that these noncognitive aspects of our character are to some extent given to us by nature. That is why there are some who are very cool headed and some of us fly the handle and lose temper at the drop of a hat. These human instinct and basic qualities like will power, strength of character etc make a deep impact on each of us and to a large extent dictates as to how we interpret the world .Each one of us therefore has a unique Emotional Bio Rhythm-the way our emotions and characteristics shape our life-which is the key to improving our individual performance.
Emotional Intelligence –as described in the first few chapters –is a mix of an individual’s nature, characteristics, traits and attitude. On EI plain we all possess certain strengths as well as weaknesses; most of us have more strengths than weaknesses. To improve upon these weaknesses are like “Emotional Optimisation”.

To optimize, one must first be able to understand and realize what one possesses-what the nature has bestowed upon us. People are born under twelve zodiac signs. These sunsigns are as per English calculator. People born under a particular sunsign possess certain peculiar traits. These can be analysed and mapped on to the abilities that fall under the domain of Emotional Intelligence.
In Heart Over Matter,I have expanded the scope of EI by looking into and integrating EI with aspects like our likes and dislikes, relation between heart and head ,our basic emotional structure,passion,determination,motivation ,drive ,commitment,integrity,principles ,mind set and even values.
In a way I have covered the entire domain of human competence which can be labeled as “Ones character and Personality”. Within our character and personality map all these qualities are loosely coupled and loosely defined. It is not possible to quantify these traits and represent them as numbers. We call it Emotional Quotient but it would be very difficult to assign a number to ones EQ-at best it would be some sort of an approximation of a very subjective analysis.
Sunsigns define the character and personalities for people born under different sunsigns. Here also the characteristics are loosely defined and loosely structured. It is more of a narrative rather than a grading system. I feel one needs to leave it at that .If these can give us a gross feel about our basic character, we can take that as a start point for moving towards optimizing our abilities.
Surprisingly these characteristics pretty well match up with things like our sense of humour,delayed gratification,perseverance,optimism,patience,trusting others,impulsive nature, caring  for  others and so forth.
Sunsigns divides the earth’s 6.5 billion population into 12 distinct Zodiac signs. These are considered the twelve basic personality types. People in these groups get their characteristics or personality traits from whatever sign that the sun was passing through at the time of their birth. Since these sunsigns go across a time zone there is an imaginary boundary line between two signs. This imaginary line is called a ‘Cusp’. For simple understanding, people born close to these boundaries tend to have characteristics of both the signs.
As you read your Bio Rhythm as per your sunsign, you will realize that many of the characteristics match with your character almost hundred percent. Some of these match to some extent and you would say “Hm…this could be possible” and some don’t match at all and you say “Oh no! This is not me”. But if you take the sum total you will find a number of traits that match yours. Even if it is 80% profile match it becomes a useful tool.First, you can be conscious about your strengths and weaknesses and second you can make an effort to bring about a change in yourself. Third you can understand your personality and avoid those situations, jobs and people which do not go along with your personality.
For example if you are the one who cannot work under pressure and tension as per your Emotional Bio Rhythm then you must avoid taking jobs that have an environment or expectation which will have you under pressure.
Your “Self profiling” and Emotional Bio Rhythm put together can give you a fair idea as to how to deal with life, which direction to move into and what type of area of work to choose that goes along well with you.
Therefore you work on two plains together, emotional optimization and optimizing your life according to your temperament. Read on…..from my book

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